Hybrid Armor (black)

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Double-layered protection: the iPhone 7’s innovative design and unique features call for similarly state of the art protection. Spigen’s Hybrid Armor remains consistent with the Armor series in its mission to offer exceptional protection, to which it adds revolutionary new features. Hybrid Armor has a high-tech polished look, color matched with the iPhone and adapted to its particular features, like the removal of antenna bands. For twice the protection, Hybrid Armor includes a clear inner TPU layer covered by a thin armor case. Enjoy double-layered protection, all-around coverage, good grip and 3D curves all in one cutting-edge case.

  • Patent pending for revolutionary clear inner TPU

  • Crafted with precision to follow the original contours of the new iPhone 7

  • Mil-Grade Protection with Air-Cushion Technology for all corners

  • Pocket-friendly, with dual layer protection

  • Sleek design that also displays Apple logo through clear TPU

  • Good grip

  • Color match

Pushing the boundaries of design and technology since 2004, Spigen is a California-based company using premium materials to produce cutting-edge functional products that become an integral part of their customers’ lifestyle.

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