Liquid Crystal (clear)

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You would prefer to keep your wonderfully sleek Google Pixel phone au naturel and enjoy its original design, but can’t bear the thought of it being scratched and worn out in time? There’s no need to be torn about this. Liquid Crystal is lightweight, easy to install and remove, but, best of all, perfect for flaunting your new Google Pixel just the way it is! The secret to its crystal clear transparency is the flexible TPU shell, which also keeps your phone scratch-free. A beveled, circular opening in its back allows easy fingerprint access. The buttons have also been improved for better responsiveness and comfort. Liquid Crystal promises to both show off and protect your phone!

  • Minimal design perfect for flaunting your new Google Pixel

  • Clear TPU keeps your phone scratch-free and lightweight

  • Includes a beveled opening for easy fingerprint scans

  • Flexibility provides easy application and removal

  • Pronounced buttons promise quick responsiveness

  • Transparent customizable back

Pushing the boundaries of design and technology since 2004, Spigen is a California-based company using premium materials to produce cutting-edge functional products that become an integral part of their customers’ lifestyle.

Compatible with:

  • Google
  •  Pixel XL

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