HouseParty 7 (black)

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Calling on all free-spirited music lovers! Gear4’s new wonder box delivers pristine sound for every taste and thanks to its compact size fits snuggly in every place. The latest addition to the Houseparty family stays true to its name by introducing a portable speaker with powerful twin speakers, an optimized bass port and Bluetooth connectivity.

Incredible sound at your fingertips! The HouseParty 7 was designed to be user-friendly, simple and intuitive. Just connect your player via Bluetooth and press play to stream your music with your friends the way they it was meant to be – bold, vibrant and rich in flavor. Not only does the HouseParty 7’s pump out your tracks with a booming bass bonanza, its speakers deliver crystal clear sound quality – of the kind to melt any music aficionado’s heart.

The HouseParty’s audio fidelity is only matched by its practicality. An incredibly efficient Li-Ion battery ensures plenty of hours of playtime. Outdoors, park gatherings, picnics or spontaneous house parties are all ensured their kick of wireless, care-free dose of tunes hours on end. A micro USB charging cable also guarantees that should you run low on juice, you can always plug the HouseParty 7 for a quick recharge.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Bass port for optimized audio

  • Simple set-up, plug and play

  • Line-in port for other music devices

  • Dimensions: 15 x 33 x 13 cm

  • Charging cable: micro USB

Compatible with:

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Bluetooth 4.0

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